Thursday, August 25, 2011

my kind of stuffs

and yes, I publish it here to tell the world.
supaya tidak dikatakan sombong dan selfish.

i love to enjoy these kind of events with laughters, smiles, taking pictures and all that.
focus on the events, not on the phone's games.

26/8 - meet All Blacks at Queen St Mall
28/8 - UQ Student and Jonathan Zak Concert at Customs House.
3/9 - Eidfest at Mt Gravatt
3/9 - Riverfire for Brisbane Festival Grand Opening
4/9 - Santos City of Lights, at Brisbane's sky. everyday in Brisbane Festival.
6/9 - Mfest at QUT Kelvin Grove
7/9 - Queensland Orchestra Symphony at Lyric Theater, QPAC.
10/9 - Hari Raya Celebration by MASCA.
11/9 - Bridge to Brisbane.
16-25/9 - Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers
26/9 - 3/10 - Spring break at Sunshine Coast.
17/9 - Redcliffe First Settlement Festival.
18/9 - Gold Coast Multicultural Festival
22/10 - Citra Malaysia at King George Square.
28/10 - Bandanna Day. Volunteering for Young People Living with Cancer.

sorry to anyone yang terasa but seriously, aku pergi event-event ni because of my passion and when people ask me 'kau suka buat apa?' aku tak akan jawab aku suka PSP, gadgets, DSLR, sports, futsal, rugby, soccer, FIFA, Dota and all that.

aku akan jawab benda-benda kat schedule tu plus several things like volunteering, get to know people (bukannya cuba untuk menyerapkan diri dalam MASCA, UQMSA but berkawan), baking, joining theater group
(FYI, i joined aktiviti berlakon since i was in kindergarden lagi), reading One Piece (and now disebabkan macam xde sape aku nak bercakap pasal One Piece yang super awesome ni, and manga yg in English mcm da x best ni, i stopped) and writing essays (for Hari Pengguna Malaysia or something yg worth prize dia like Measat-3 Competition, aku dapat invitation to KLCC to watch the launch of Measat 3 dekat Kazakhstan) composing songs everytime i walk to uni (and now i plan to make a blog and write that songs down and add some music) being a masterplan, and do things like grab the education offer or doing something to improve my CVand that kind of stuffs.

i hurt a lot when people said: ''kau tak tengok bola, x matured doh'', ''kau x siap lagi benda tu, kau buat apa? asyik terbaring aje x buat keje, makin malas doh kau'', ''kau ni macam x buat apa je, asyik fb 24 jam''

sincerely by,

salam alaik. enjoy your last 5 days of Ramadhan.

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  1. spring break nice one. fazrul, kalau ko pergi yg flowers carnival kt tooowomba tuh nak ikot please. oh yeah btw, dont bother what others think or say if you know what are you doing. they are not you. they just simply dont understand you. well i do found things that you fond are quite interesting well yeah at least to me. keep it up dude n stay on track! (: