Tuesday, October 25, 2011

advanced birthday gifts

well, my birthday is coming.
and i have expecting myself being so overwhelmed by this kind of feeling. happy, awesome, cheerful.

for this one big day, i am thankful to Allah because He gave me such a great advanced birthday gifts.
my advanced birthday gifts are:

1. being able to perform on international stage for the theater.
2. enjoyed the Saturday with colorful Citra Malaysia.
3. Sumazau song and the dance moves backstage with Pei Wern and Ee Loe
4. Zombie Walk Brisbane 2011, the best part was when the painter zombie attacked me and me being the centre of attraction. haha. even though it was kinda embarassing, but yeah, i loved it.
5. had a walk around city and Southbank with the beautiful Allah's panorama.
6. blue top.
7. met Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh
8. the MP4 has safely arrived.
9. dinner night out with besties.
10. my videos on youtube getting more and more viewers.
11. my comment be the top comment on Jayessleetv Bungy Jump video.
12. muka penuh masuk video Citra Malaysia Joget Lambak. #malu
13. surprise birthday party!

thank you Allah for giving me such a great memories, good friends.

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