Monday, October 3, 2011


kinda stressing me out lah Aspen tadi.

recently, i dont pay much attention to my study, i prefer entertainment and stuffs like musics, video-recording, travelling plan, hooyeah hooyeah thingy.
tonnes of assignments are still there on my book rack, untouched.

i had this on my mind, to revise all of the second semester subjects. but all of those hopes remain hopes.

i went to Uni once to do the Aspen during the spring break. but, just before the Spring break starts, i stay back at Uni, went to that building, alone and tried to make that Aspen.

i completed my tutorial with some other friends during the spring break. and then, i did nothing. just that one session and wait for the day to come.

just now, during the simulation exam, i sighed a lot, didn't know what to do. this is all about pass or fail. i have to do something, should not give up easily. but, i dont know what else to do. lucky me, after three times calling the tutor, finally he showed me what was wrong with my simulation. urgh. bodoh punya stream, apahal tak tersambung. aku dah click dah destination, source semua.


move on to part two, after i insereted all of the values and all those things, ERROR!!!


what the hell la kan. what is wrong with my value. i tried to take a look at Dan's and he's almost finished, analysing the graph. and me, ERROR. i raised my hand to call for help or something and then, after like 15 minutes my hand was like that, she came. ouh.

so, you used Design-Spec, and...what's next? waht do u need to do?

ermm. i dont know. XD. i was in a blur mood at that time. i dont know what am i doing.
after she left, about 15 minutes later, after Amin has finished his simulation, he said, USE SENSITIVITY!

OMO. how can i forgot to use that? and why am i inserted all the design-spec thingy? thats so wrong.
calculations completed with warnings. urgh. lantak-lah la kan. i showed my results to the tutor.

"so, you can find the value from the data"

mana satu? memang blur habis.
ermm, Karen came and asked me to interpolate the data as the answer is between 2 of the datas.
i raised my hand and the male tutor came, "did u interpolate the data?, NO, you cannot. it is not accurate, increase the points"

oh my....Ya Allah.
at that time, i was like, why am i not spending my entire free time doing Aspen? why? what is wrong with me? while my friends went back early finished their exam, i am still there dont know what to do.

finally, after i increased the points from 101 to 1001, i searched for the result, and yay, i managed to find the answer.

pija pun baru siap. mud tunggu kat luar. kami balik sama sama.


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