Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cuti musim bunga

while waiting for the MATH2000 class to start, about another hour, i went to IELTS building to help Dan with his ASPEN project. and while waiting him to ask for any help, i blog. yes, blogging.

sometimes, this is what i had in my mind.
im a kind of person who will think about the future, i will close my eyes and imagine things in future. and i wanna share things that happened in the past or just now, so that i will never forget in the future.

1. i shared photos in facebook, so that i'll never lose them in the future. just so you know, the albums in the facebook are exactly the same with the albums in my computer. the album's name all that.
2. i shared memories in my blog because every entries are my expressions. i expressed things in my blog, the words, the opinions, to make my future kids, wife and grandchildren maybe, to read them. and i am ready to feel embarassed. shy. uh.

3. i shared videos in my youtube channel. those videos will be easily accessed by people and me in the future. and can watch them over and over and over again. *quoted Jeyesslee* and yeah, lately i notice that my videos are the kind of travelling kind of videos. and one more thing, i took photos first, video second.
4. i wrote craps in my twitter. and that will be private. i only got 4 follwers in twitter. and thats all. thats it. no more approval.

and some people might ask, why dont you just keep it in hard disk or something? burn them in cds or something?
nahh, have u ever wondered where will the cds and hard disk be in the next 20 years? lost. see. and all the memories will be gone just like that.

i love my childhood memories.

see ya.

tajuk cuti musim bunga, content jadi lain. pergh.

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