Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the real cuti musim bunga

back in malaysia, they had a straightforward name for the holiday like midsem break, mid-term break, the end of the year break and all that. but here in australia, they have winter holiday, autumn holiday, spring holiday and summer holiday.

cool, kan? erk, just silly things to begin the entry with.

during my first ever spring break, my friends and i decided to have a 2 day 1 night trip to Sunshine Coast. we went there with the "red" car and yeah, we made it. during the journey, we had a lot of arguments. DO U KNOW THAT??? yes, kitorang bergaduh dalam kereta sebab cari direction, sesat, dont know either to take the exit, or to stop or to whatever thngs la kan. haha. but then, everytime we arrived at our destination, we will be good. so amazing. back to normal pulak. and then, when we started our journey again, kitorang bergaduh lagi. haha. so funny silly things.

lots of pictures can be found in my facebook profiles.

some of the places, we just took photos at the front gate. how pathetic is that. yeah, because the entry fee mencekik darah betul. but, soon, i wanna go to Australia Zoo, going in there and take a look at the wonderful Australian animals.

welcome back to uni, everybody!

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