Thursday, December 15, 2011

the facts

well, being here in Malaysia, nothing much to do huh?
siapa kata? lots of interesting things to do-lah. and so many places to go.


setibanya saja di bumi Malaysia, after saying "goodbye and enjoy your summer break" to Lauren, picked up Adzeem and Dina at the KL Sentral, we went to Masjid India. is that right, the place's name. humpphh, i have no idea. maybe right. 

well, the day after, my family and I, plus another five cars of relatives went to Chemor, Perak for my brother's engagement. see, the day before i was at Kuala Lumpur and the day after i was at Perak. in the journey, we saw The Lost World of Tambun. my sibs planned to go there after the engagement thingy and the plan...was destroyed by my aunts who wanted so much going back to Malacca right after the engagement. whatttt!!!! even for at least a picture of memory there, say hi to the NO. but, thats alright, bila adzeem dah kahwin dengan ayu nanti, boleh la g Tambun hari-hari.


i went to Malacca. balik kampung. 
nothing much to do. went to Jusco yang terbesar di Asia. 
did some shopping and sayonara Malacca.

taadaa. Johor Bahru. 
actually, i need to send Anie to the airport. her flight to KK from Senai. and before that, we visited my grandma at Hospital Sultanah Aminah. 

home sweet home. Kluang. 

i forgot already my early December travel. tapi, yang penting ulang alik KL-Kluang because of i have to repeat for CHEM2056 paper, and met ayah. he came home, i mean malaysia, for a meeting with the HQ. syukur alhamdulillah, at the age of 56, he is now an Assistant General Manager. ada rezeki dapat jadi GM terus.

Sumatera, im coming!!!

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