Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beijing, China

i went to China, long ago! when i was in Form 4. im not really sure how I got the ticket but I guess it is because of my dad's company. every year, his company will give 2 tickets for husband and wife, and another tickets for kids under 18! nahh, im not really sure. so, yeah. lets go back to the main topic here.

it was a 5 day trip to Beijing and it was one year before the Beijing Olympics and i was like what!!!! Y U NO TRAVEL NEXT YEAR! but, the Bird's Nest Stadium is there. completed. of course la sudah siap, or else, they need to postpone the game lah. 

as i arrived at the beijing airport, i was freezing like ohh myy godd! i never knew it will be that cold. the season was the end of winter. the snow was there. the river still froze. and i only wear my blue sweater and gloves and jeans. how's that? we went to lotsa places like: 
the factory where they made pearls, and crystals and jade, etc. i dont really give a damn about these jade sculptures, crystals. but yeah, it looked sangat mewah la. then, we went to silk factory. it is not really a factory but ermm.. we went into a tunnel, the tunnel is actually made for the soldiers i guess (memory lost), and we found that secret silk factory. i mean like huge, awesome place. silks are everywhere. and then, my mum bought lots of silk fabric. haha. biasala perempuan. 
Tian An Men Square. this place is quiet famous and hundreds of people were there. behind the square, taadaa, Forbidden City! this place was super awesome. i guess, millions of people in there. and i am one of them. this place sangat historic la as it was a king's place and his gundik-gundik. soooooooo many rooms, so many gates, and so super huge. 

orang China ni gila apa, main pingpong sejuk-sejuk alam!
i went to a lot of places actually, but i just couldnt remember everything plus i dont really know where the heck all of the photos. thank god i put some in facebook. teehee. 
to find the Halal food, well i can say, it was easy. besides we went in groups, so, the bus took me to halal restaurants in every single meal time. makanan pun sodapp. and the mosque, as I said before, i came in winter season, so, we need to take wudu' (ablution) with hot water. not that frikkin' hot la, but it was good enough to withstand the coldness of the surrounding. but, what shocked me the most, you know what, the ablution area is seperated by corridor and then the praying area. so, right after the hot water ablution, stepped into the corridor, nahh, hambek kau, sejuk gila surrounding. that was frikking cold giler. 

The Great Wall of China, peeps!

if you go to China, Great Wall of China is a must babeyh! i got medal because i climbed the Great Wall of China. Seven Wonders tuu! some other girls climbed the great wall with heels. and i was like, kau nak mati terhumban golek golek ke? haha. 

one last thing that i shall remember the most, yeah, skiing! ala-ala game masa kecik-kecik main ski pastu kena makan dengan bear yang kejar scary gila tuh. yes, skiing! skiing was awesome!
ni masa skiing!

i didnt really buy things there, sampaikan my classmates cakap "sombongnya tak belikan souvenirs" and yeah, saya suka cinta sama Beijing!

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