Wednesday, February 8, 2012

IzaraAishah, Vanilla Coklat dan twitter

say what!!!
nampak tak apa she tweeted??! draco_skull, thats me in my twitter account. earlier i tweeted: "20 minutes to Vanilla Coklat. tak sabar nak tengok @IzaraAishah"
then, she replied me back with: "@draco_skull siap countdown"

and i was like, awesome-nya Zara!!!
besides, Vanilla Coklat, Zara and Amir were trending on twitter until 11:30pm i guess. for those yang masih tak tahu Vanilla Coklat ni cerita apa, lemme tell you a bit of the synopsis.
Zara and Amir is in the same college. both of them have their own bf and gf. but then, their parents made a promise to each other to have their son and daughter get married. amir n zara refuse to get married but suddenly, amir's dad pretended to suffer from heart attack and made amir promised to him that he will marry zara. and finally they get married and they kept it as secret from their friends. they argued a lot and yeah, until this episode (7/2/2012), they are still having fights and all that, but the end of the episode, taadaa... Zara and Amir love each other.

Cant wait for the next episode!

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