Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Movie Review: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

I love this sequel of Journey to The Center of The Earth.
the story is about Sean played by Josh Hutcherson received a radio signal from his grandfather stranded in an unknown island called The Mysterious Island. The relationship of Sean and his father, Hank (The Rock) is not so good but the beginning of the adventure shows their chemistry. After they managed to decipher the radio signal given by his grandfather, they went to Palau Island before heading to the mysterious island. There, they met Vanessa Hudgens and her father and four of them started their journey to the island.

a lot of things happened there. small things become big and big things become small. so, i guess you have the idea right how things in that island, i mean the size and etc. another interesting there, the lost city of Atlantis was there. but sadly, at the end of the movie the city was sinked into the deep ocean due to tectonic plate movements. and, the volcano there was a gold volcano, not a larva volcano. 

i really love this movie. The Rock killed me with the "lembing" while he threw it to the electric eel.

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