Tuesday, March 13, 2012

short update

hi guys, *macam la ada orang baca blog neh*
hey me, it's been quite a long and tiring month for me. well, hello, siapa jugaklah yang mengada nak apply for all that positions yang bajet to beautify your own CV. 
well, currently, im holding:
1. IT Convener for University of Queensland Malaysian Student Association
2. Deputy Manager for Malaysian Night, National Conference & Games Australia
3. Entertainment Manager for Citra Malaysia 2012
4. President (?) for MASCA Theter Troupe.

and yeah, actually im kinda interested to apply for International Student Rep for 3rd Yr Chemical Engineering student. but, the time constraint and all that stuffs, make me realize how busy i am. my life has been such a freaking awesome since i joined all these activities. besides, i meet lots of new friends. 
one more thing, tomorrow, i got an interview with AUG Brisbane for volunteering thingy for this April event. and i am still thinking of applying any volunteering opportunities around Brisbane. 

say hello to my hectic busy life!

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