Thursday, August 2, 2012


after such a long time I left my blog unopened, closed for any new entry, now im back. 

i do actually have lots of things to say, as for my future me to read this but, i just dont know how to say it in the right way. have u ever imagine u had hundreds of things to say in your mind but when you meet someone or be at the time that u are supposed to let it out, your mind just goes blank. well this is how i feel now.

i just wanna say, National Conference & Games telah berjaya dengan jayanya.
Malaysian Night pun hebat gila. and I ajak a girlfriend to dance with me. we are the only couple on the dnace floor. gila.
result sem 1 third year adalah okay, tak fail, tak menangis bagai semua macam last sem.

i am overbooked!

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