Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day1: Internship

first day of my internship:
so the human resource department asked me to meet her at her office at 8am. i waited there and the clock showed 8.15am. still, no body came until there was this one woman in a black and white polka dot thingy shapes baju kurung wave to me and like saying, tunggu sekejap.

i waited there and taadaa, it was 8.45 already. where the heck did she go? few minutes later she came and briefed me with office works, office hours thingy. at 9am, Julia came and she conducted a safety induction for me. well, everyone who is new to the company must undergo the safety induction. well, i have had almost 10 safety induction within this 2 years. bla bla bla.

and she leaved me after that, looked like gonna call somebody.

at 10, around 50 minutes later, yes fifty minutes later, Hani came and she brought me to R&D department. i was supposed to meet Wendy as my supervisor. And she was at the cafe for teabreak. hello, it was 10.25am and yeah, wait again. im tired of waiting for the whole frikkin day.

moment later, when i waited at the meeting room, Kak Q came and brought me to the lab. I met Wendy, she asked about what i wanna know, and what i want to learn. then, Abang Syed provided me with my so-called cubicle. LOL. workstation. not a cubicle. so nice of him.

then, they brought me into the lab, ye la, buat R&D kan.
i met Kak Ina. and then, Kak Q asked what i want to know and i said i dont know.
she explained to me about the clay, the basic ingredients of the mosaics. apa entah, clay, betonite, bla bla bla. tak ingat. them she said, i will not learnt anything from theory, so she asked me to do something.

i was asked to weigh the solid clay, add 5% of water and crushed them into super small grains. and do u have any idea how did i used to crushed them. hammer!!! yes, hammer. tukul besi.

i have to crushed three types of clays, GP STD, GP T4 (2) and GP T4 (3). and until now, my hand is hurt and not feel right after the tiring crushing job. i wonder why la tak pakai blender je padahal blender ada depan mata. tapi... well, the clay is solid and rosak pulak nanti.

at 1pm, i went to lunch. kakak belanja la. aku mana ada duit.

ouh yeah, i have finished my crushing before lunch and i have to filter them. macam buat kek, ayak tepung. penatnya. it took 15 minutes okay nak ayak all the powder tu and to make sure all the larger molecules, must be crushed untill it can pass through the filter.

balik lunch i continued to filter. then, i have to put them into plastics and labelled them. then, i have to weight 25 grams of each types of clays for pressing processing. macam moulding. i have to put 25g of let say GP STD into the, urmm, there is a hol for that powder and make it rata and closed the machine, pressed some button and the presser moved down and pressed the powder and a cake is formed. macam bedak compact powder tu. i have to make almost 20, i think more than 20, 40 ada kott. because there were round and rectangles.

when i have finished with the pressing, kena labelled la at the back of the cake. ouh by the way, to press the cake is not easy. if i am using different types of clays for the next pressing, i must clean the machine to prevent contamination with other formula.


after that, put all the cakes into the oven for baking. to make a ceramics. yeay. jyeah. at 3 something i followed kak Q to the production units where all the machines and processes took place. besar la jugak semua machine and ada robot. that kilang is 2km long walking to the backkkkkkk. panjag gilaaaaa..

sepatutnya after take the cake from the oven yg dekat production unit, they tested for strentgh and water absorption semua, but she asked me to rest because there is teatime at 3. i rest until 5 and penat gilaa. ngantuk. i couldnt even understand whaat i read. i brought Too Far novel.

penat tau takk. at 5, jom balik.

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