Monday, November 26, 2012


i just have no idea what it is going to be on the very first day of my internship. i am going to do 60 days intership-ing in MML, the Malaysian Mosaics Berhad company in Kluang, just 20-25 minutes drive from my home sweet home.

lets move on to the next chapter:
firstly, i only brought one normal pants back to Malaysia. and by normal i mean, brown khaki coloured pants. yes, normal. and i brought like four abnormal pants which are blue, maroon, purple. ouh, only three.

i have tried wearing the purple pants to the city and night market, and i got the feeling like everyone is watching me. yes, seriously. and when i see everyone else, tsk, i should just left all the coloured pants in Australia and bring the normal one back to Malaysia.

back to internship, since i only brought one normal pants, looks like i have to buy few more to survive the 60 days of my life as a working man. yes, i know that you cant wear fancy pants in the office. but, i just had no idea what i left the black pants in Australia.

and now at 2.45am, i cant sleep.
and i think i saw something outside my house just now. and im scared. but had survived for two hours watching FairyTale: A True Story.
i should sleep. hopefully tomorrow is going to be just fine.

photos: the estate where my father works. i salute him.

location: Padang, Sumatera.

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  1. hi,do you mind share with me about your intership in MML? I am thinking to apply it.