Thursday, November 8, 2012

So today is thursday, yup. And i have 4 more days before my second paper before i finish my third year. And i am currently listening to B105, brisbane radio station.

But do i sound like i am writing a diary? Nahh. I am hoping for a great year next year for my final year.

Lari daripada topic, 9 november, there will be Supanova, scifi character from hollywood will come and meet people and fans. I wish to go but i dont really watch star wars and futurama movies. I dont like that kind of movies. I prefer adventure. Teenager's adventure and disney movies. Yes, eventhough i am 21, i do like disney movies. I dont care what people says. Because most of disney movies are around my age, thr caharacter's age. Like lindsay lohan, selena gomez, miley cyrus, jonas brothers, demi lovato, HSM casts. I love them. And they have lots and lots of singing scenes.

Signing off. Mr F.

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