Tuesday, January 8, 2013

awhile. weekend KL trip

it's been awhile since my serious entry.

last weekend, my dad had a meeting in KL so he stayed in KL and after i finished my work on Saturday, we headed to Kuala Lumpur. we arrived there around 4pm and went to Bangsar to meet our uncle and aunty.

what a magnificient view from the top of the Bangsar hill. can see all KL in woow. KLCC, KL tower. wow.

i didnt bring my camera so yeah because i want to be a normal person, trying to be just normal and ordinary.

the next day which was Sunday, we went to Istana Negara because my dad really wanted to. bising jugak la dalam kereta sebab sesat. ahaha. tak besar mana pun the place that we can explore. i want more. so here is one of the shots from mum's samsung galaxy tab.

and then we went to Muzium Negara.

after that we had lunch and im having a serious headache. and went to Maluri, Ayu's sister's house and where she stay for the moment and we headed home after that. i only managed to watch the closing ceremony of Anugerah Juara Lagu 27. tsk tsk.


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