Wednesday, January 9, 2013

nafkah hidup

maybe only a few of you know, or maybe all of you already know that i am doing my vacation work or the so-called internship this summer. i mean now. yeah, im doing my intern in Malaysian Mosaics Berhad.

it's been 35 days of my intern and today, all of my colleagues asked me to give a call to the HR department regarding my salary. well, you know, at the beginning of my working day, they plan to give me RM500 for allowance.

as they keep asking me to call Mrs Wong in human resource department, so i pressed the speed dial and asked. she said that the money is currently on hold because of the finance department put it on hold. few minutes later, around 15-20 minutes, my supervisor got a call and he asked me to go upstairs to the HR department room.

nahh, there it goes my first salary. four hundred fifty ringgit and sixty cents.


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