Friday, January 18, 2013

super junior UQ

uq, university of queensland.
a place that i will never forget.
a place where i get to know people, to shine bright. bukan macam lagu rihanna tu. menci lagu tu walaupun kekadang nyanyi kuat gila dlm kereta kalau drive sengsorang. 

i met lots of people from different background, and also the chance for me to show what i have inside me. being involved in UQMSA is like the super duper best thing that happened in my life. *Joel yang calonkan aku and i feel sooooo proud of it*

and yessss, this 20th of February, UQ Market Day is back for more fun and stuffs. and i heard that UQMSA is selling tshirts for their members. wooo. tapi, i need to save money la. how?

i;ll be back in Australia by 18th February and im gonna bring my super junior to UQ for a bit of orientation. cant wait but at the same time im quiet nervous la actually.

baiklah. im babbling here is because all of my family members are with their gadgets right now playing games and twittering and because i didnt subscribe for any smart phone plan or whatsover, and im only connected to the internet by my laptop and broadband, so yeah. here i am.


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